Manual Handling in Warehouses

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Manual Handling Training in Warehouses

This manual handling in the warehouse course highlights 8 principles that are important to underpin safe manual handling at work. Moreover, the course explores some practical tips for implementing these principles during warehouse work activities.

The major cause of injuries in industrial workplaces is the lifting and moving of loads. Well, it is a common activity but accounts for over a third of all accounted injuries, with many involving strains or sprains.

In addition to these sprains and strains, many handling incidents in warehouses involve crushing to feet, hands, or other body areas.

Thus, causing a lot of pain and suffering to even the strongest and fittest of us. All of the injuries involved in the lifting and moving of loads can easily be prevented by taking manual handling online course.

Benefits of Manual Handling in Warehouse Course

  • Create awareness among employees on how to reduce risk injuries from any warehouse manual handling task
  • Educate employees about the manual handling principles and shows practical tips to work safely while performing tasks
  • Teach learners that their personal welfare and safety is on the top-most priority
  • This HSE manual handling course is fully online; can be taken from anywhere and at any time
  • Manual handling training courses save money –no travelling required to reach class room
  • Easily accessible on computer and mobile application
  • The course content is composed in audio and visual format for delivering quick understanding to the learner
  • Interactive quizzes to help review what’s been learnt by the employees
  • Scored Knowledge test
  • RoSPA Approved manual handling training certificate,upon successfully passing this online training

Manual Handling in Warehouse Training Target Audience

This e-learning training programme is designed for:

  • All Employees, working in any warehouse environment, worldwide

Manual Handling Online Training Course Content

The course material includes:

8 Basic Principles needed for reducing the risk of injuries

  • How to assess the task and work area
  • How to have a broad stable base
  • How to avoid bending at the waist
  • How to keep the load close to the body
  • How to get the load into a correct position
  • How to avoid twisting at the waist
  • How to split heavy or large loads
  • How to secure stacked loads

Practical tips for implementing these principles at work

  • Making use of mechanical aids
  • Getting help with heavy loads
  • Reducing the need to stretch
  • Looking after the back
  • Keeping hands and feet safe
  • Keeping your workplace tidy

Why your organisation needs this Manual Handling In Warehouses Online Training

This online training programme will help your organisation to:

  • Enhance company productivity by increasing employees productivity as fewer hours lost to sickness and injuries
  • Introduce safety and health awareness culture within the organisation
  • Achieve RoSPA-approved training certificates for employees
  • Enhance the company reputation within the global market

Manual Handling Courses

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Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits in your workplace