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first aid

First Aid at Work Course Online

Human Focus offers first aid training that teaches about the basic introduction of the first aid practices at work. These are the simple guidelines that can be followed until qualified first aider arrives at the accident location.

This training course complies with HSE guidance on the basic first aid at work (INDG347).

On successful completion of the workplace first aid course, the learner will be awarded the RoSPA-Approved certificate.

Please note: This successful completion course does not mean that you will be a qualified first aid person.

Workplace First Aid Courses

Human Focus is offering the following first aid courses targeting different industrial environments.

Human Focus is offering a RoSPA-approved, First Aid e-learning Course that has the following learning outcomes:

  • How to provide first-aid effectively to various accident types, without putting oneself in danger until a qualified first aider arrives
  • Identifying the importance and benefits of first-aid
  • Awareness of the first-aid requirements

First Aid at Work Course Online Target Audience

This first aid course is specially designed for any type of workplaces including:

  • All Employees
  • All Managers
  • All Supervisors

Any Prerequisites?

The first aid courses online do not have:

  • Any prior knowledge requirement
  • Or any course certification requirement

Why choose Human Focus for First Aid E-Learning Courses?

  • The first aid at work course online is designed by industry professionals
  • It is approved by RoSPA- The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
  • 100% online- no need to travel to take classes
  • Accessible easily on the desktop computer and mobile phones
  • The course content can engage learner as it consists of visual/audio format
  • The learner achieves, RoSPA-approved training certificate, upon successful completion of workplace first aid courses

Save lives, build skilled behaviour, implement performance enhancing habits in your workplace